The Bestmile Platform: What it is and isn’t

This webinar is focused on the role of the Bestmile Fleet Orchestration Platform in the new mobility services ecosystem, and outlines the technologies involved in deployment of autonomous or/and human-driven fleets.

Viewers will learn:


| What is the Bestmile Mobility Service Platform?
| What it is
| What it isn’t
| What it does
| What it doesn’t do

PRESENTER - Luc Texier

Luc is responsible for helping public and private mobility service providers find optimized solutions for new and existing transportation networks. Luc is a mobility expert and frequent speaker on technology for on-demand driverless and human-driven mobility systems. He has worked with the region’s largest public transit operators on the majority of the autonomous shuttle fleets deployed to date in Europe. Prior to joining Bestmile, Luc held executive positions in innovative international companies in France, the United States, and Switzerland.