Webinar: On-Demand Service Design Makes Fleets 10x More Efficient

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Getting on-demand mobility services right is difficult. While peer-to-peer ridehailing is popular, it is neither profitable nor efficient, with companies losing money, drivers complaining about low wages, and cities angry at worsening traffic. High profile failures of on-demand services like Chariot have also made headlines.

A new webinar, On-Demand Service Design Makes Fleets 10x More Efficient, will demonstrate how to design, simulate, and optimize on-demand services in advance of deployment to ensure success and deliver predictable results, defining and controlling critical success factors like fleet size, vehicle locations, pooling, and passenger ride times and wait times with optimized dispatching, routing, ride matching.

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Date: July 9, 2019
Time: 8:00 AM PST/17:00 CET
Luc Texier, Business Development Director 
Marco Laumanns, Ph.D.

The webinar will show how service design can make on-demand fleets 10x more efficient by:

  • Using realistic demand data
  • Defining targeted service areas and types
  • Setting service level targets
  • Testing multiple fleet configurations
  • Evaluating and optimizing passenger and fleet-level KPIs

We will share the results of a study using Chicago taxi ride data to form a virtual fleet and compare how shared on-demand services perform in comparison to an unshared taxi service.

A recording of the webinar will be sent to all who register.

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