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How we created a highly-available distributed mobility optimization system in Scala, using Akka clusters, Kubernetes, and Kafka with a domain-driven approach, a functional programming mindset, and a culture of excellence


When people ask me what we are doing here at Bestmile, I’m a bit embarrassed. The best way to describe it is no other than “we create a cloud platform to optimize transportation.” Every time I voice this out loud, it sounds pretty ambitious and even a bit boastful.


And yet, in practice, this is what we are attempting. We are modeling vehicles, bookings, plans, routes, availabilities, resources, etc., generically. We aim to support most surface transportation modes, from human-driven to autonomous, from schedule-based to on-demand, from handling passengers to goods, and all that mixed and matched. We use “Everest” as a codename for our platform. It’s the highest summit on this planet, and it’s tough to climb up there.


The system that we have built thus far is fascinating. It’s a thrill to observe vehicles moving with intelligent behavior on the map in real-time. We can’t wait to witness such technology becoming commonplace. And if our recent experiences are any indication, the public is very receptive. It’s hard to build an ambitious new product like this from scratch and even harder when succeeding means disrupting an old industry and creating a new market. No one knows when the transportation industry will finally make the necessary transition to a smarter, more responsible utilization of resources enabled by technology. But when this happens, we will be as ready as we can be.


I won’t be able to disclose the full detail of our architecture here. But I wanted to share some of the guiding principles that have allowed us to go to production with a fleet orchestration cloud. What we have achieved is the result of intentional design. We build in increments, with an overarching vision guiding us. We follow a domain-driven approach, code in Scala for maximal expressivity and abstraction, and use cloud-native instruments such as actor clusters, Kubernetes, Kafka messaging, and infrastructure-as-code. Sharing a purpose has given rise to a culture of awareness and excellence.




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