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Cities are growing rapidly, and it is increasingly clear that the only way to sustainably accommodate growth is with smarter, ultimately shared, electric and autonomous fleets capable of efficiently moving people 24/7.

Bestmile was born when the cofounders were tasked with managing one of the first demonstration of autonomous vehicles in Europe. The vehicles were programed to navigate a route and avoid obstacles, but they could not communicate with one another or work together. Bestmile was founded to enable vehicles of any brand or type to work together as intelligent fleets that can deliver the new mobility services that the world wants.

Today, Bestmile offers the only solution of its kind that is vehicle agnostic, can manage autonomous and human-driven vehicles, supports on-demand and time-based services, integrates with multiple transport modes, and provides end-to-end applications for travelers, drivers, and operators.

our Vision

Bestmile enables fleet operators to realize the promise of new mobility services to move more people with fewer vehicles, delighting passengers and reducing urban congestion and pollution.

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