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Public transport operators are turning to microtransit — the use of smaller, more flexible vehicles that can provide shared on-demand or station-based services — to replace inefficient bus lines, reach lower density service areas and provide last-mile/km connections to public transport hubs. Bestmile offers everything operators need to make
microtransit efficient and cost-effective.


Instant booking
or prebooking

Door-to-door or

Fixed or
dynamic routes

Pooled rides

Bestmile - solution-transit

“Bestmile’s advanced service design and technology enable operators to deploy fleets that can adjust in size and location as demand changes throughout a day, week, month or year, increasing utilization and reducing empty miles/km”

Bestmile enables microtransit providers to:

  • Design, deploy, and optimize efficient microtransit services
  • Use built-in or operator-developed traveler and driver apps
  • Send drivers optimized missions that meet utilization and convenience targets
  • Offer flexible routes and schedules based on demand
  • Increase ridership with last-mile connections
  • Control of trip times to improve acceptance rates

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