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Many taxi businesses have fallen behind as app-based, peer-to-peer ridehailing services have undercut pricing and won over customers. It’s time to catch up and deliver convenient, cost-effective services.

Human-driven today,
autonomous tomorrow



Dynamic routes

Pooled or
individual rides

Bestmile - Solution-taxi

“Taxi businesses can improve efficiency and reduce costs with automated dispatching, ride matching and routing that reduces deadheading, improves driver and vehicle utilization, and prepare to transition to autonomous services”

Bestmile enables taxi companies to:

  • Design, deploy, and optimize efficient services
  • Use branded driver and traveler apps for a best-in-class user experience
  • Send drivers optimized missions to increase vehicle utilization
  • Offer pooled services to increase revenue per ride
  • Minimize deadheading and increase paid rides
  • Control passenger ride times and wait times to drive acceptance rates

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