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Autonomous taxi services, or “robotaxis,” have the potential to transform urban mobility by offering shared, electric, autonomous services that move more people with fewer vehicles while using intelligent ride matching and routing to deliver predicable ride and wait times for passengers, and optimized utilization for operators.


Instant booking
or prebooking

Door-to-door or

Fixed or
dynamic routes

Pooled or
individual rides

Bestmile - solution-robo

“The Bestmile Fleet Orchestration Platform enables ultra-efficient robotaxi services by processing fleet-wide ride requests simultaneously and in real time, ensuring that every vehicle meets passenger convenience and operator efficiency requirements”

Bestmile enables robotaxi service providers to:

  • Design, deploy, and optimize efficient robotaxi services
  • Use integrated or custom booking apps
  • Send optimized missions to vehicles that meet utilization thresholds
  • Reposition vehicles based on historical and real-time conditions
  • Control trip times for a predictable passenger experience

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