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Vehicle manufacturers are under pressure from low cost competitors to provide value-added premium services and features to commercial fleet buyers . With Bestmile fleet orchestration technology integrated into manufacturers’ autonomous vehicles, manufacturers can offer fleet-ready vehicles pre-configured to work together to offer high value mobility services.



Door-to-door or

Dynamic routes

Pooled or
individual rides

Bestmile - Solution-offer

“Vehicles pre-optimized to deliver ultra-efficient services with Bestmile technology allow commercial fleet owners to reduce cost-per-mile and to accelerate time to market for autonomous transport and delivery services”

Bestmile enables auto manufacturers and tier1 suppliers to:

  • Design, deploy, and optimize efficient services pre-sales
  • Provide tools for increased vehicle utilization
  • Deliver autonomous vehicles that are “fleet-ready” to offer improved performance
  • Offer automated, optimized routing to reduce mileage
  • Offer control of trip times to drive acceptance rates

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