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Matching supply and demand has been a challenge for mobility providers for generations. Empty buses cruising city streets draw the ire rate payers, while clogged city streets due in part to unregulated peer-to-peer mobility services frustrates everyone. Understanding demand—pickup and dropoff locations, ride request volume, patterns in time—is critical to maximizing service efficiency.


Service Design is a professional consulting service Bestmile offers to help mobility providers plan and optimize new solutions prior to deployment to deliver predictable mobility. Bestmile explores and helps validate fleet performance and passenger experience for realistic demand scenarios by optimizing a virtual fleet of vehicles using the Bestmile Fleet Orchestration Platform.


Service design makes it possible to vary design parameters such as fleet size, vehicle capacities, and service parameters to evaluate a large set of vehicle-related, traveler-related and fleet efficiency key performance indicators (KPIs). This enables mobility providers to test fleet capabilities and to accurately plan and analyze service performance prior to deployment.


Service design enables operators to define and manage the fundamental trade-off between service levels, or passenger convenience, and system efficiency, as measured by kilometers driven, vehicle occupancy, etc. This gives planners a powerful advantage, with the ability to test trade-offs for specific designs, in a specific city with a specific demand pattern.


Because the simulation is performed using Bestmile’s production platform that has been proven to orchestrate actual fleets, the results are very reliable and nearly identical to actual fleet performance. This gives operators much-needed certainty in planning and can reduce risks, accelerate time to market, and deliver predictable business results.


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