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Bestmile Overview


Learn more about Bestmile—who we are, what we do, and how we are helping mobility services transform human-driven and autonomous fleets into efficient, high-value autonomous shuttle, robtaxi, ridehailing, and micro-transit solutions.



7 Steps for Public Transit Operators to Win the Last Mile with New Mobility Services

White Paper
Learn how to integrate autonomous vehicles into public transport networks for successful last mile solutions. Download this white paper to learn how to:
  • Design new services
  • Deploy in phases
  • Manage and integrate

New mobility services have the potential to vastly enhance public transit when the services are coordinated with the existing transit operator infrastructure and scheduling. Learn how to get new services right.


On-Demand Mobility Service Success by Design

White Paper

Learn how to successfully plan and test new on-demand services to ensure you get them right before launch with a mobility service design offering that uses real demand data accurately plan and optimize service in advance.


Simulation-Based Design and Analysis of On-Demand Mobility Services

Technical Paper

Get the Science Behind Bestmile Service Design. This detailed report explains how research on Chicago taxi data was used to simulate on-demand mobility service performance with KPI-based analysis using Bestmile's Fleet Orchestration Platform.



PostBus Autonomous Shuttle Service

Case Study

Learn how PostBus, Switzerland’s largest bus company, successfully tested autonomous shuttles on city streets in the city of Sion. Based on positive public reaction, PostBus expanded the service to connect to the local train station.


Bestmile and Sion Case Study



Learn how to quickly and easily deliver micro-transit solutions—shared rides on human-driven buses—that enable mobility service providers offer first-mile and last-mile services that boost ridership and to better reach under served neighborhoods.



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Videos & Webinars

The Bestmile Platform: What it is (and what it isn’t)


Learn the role of the Bestmile platform and the ecosystem of technologies required for new mobility services.

This webinar is focused on the role of the Bestmile Fleet Orchestration Platform in the new mobility services ecosystem, and outline the technologies involved in deployment of autonomous or/and human-driven fleets. We’ll review example services already in operations worldwide and answer as many of your questions about the company, product, and use cases.

In this recorded webinar, you will learn:

  • What is the Bestmile Mobility Service Platform?
    • What it is
    • What it isn’t
    • What it does
    • What it doesn’t do
  • The elements of an orchestrated mobility services ecosystem
    • What is fleet orchestration?
    • The role of Bestmile in the ecosystem
    • Typical use cases
    • FAQ


On-demand Mobility Service Design: Making Fleets 10x More Efficient


Watch Bestmile’s Luc Texier and Marco Laumanns demonstrate how to design, simulate, and orchestrate on-demand services to ensure success and deliver predictable results, defining and controlling critical success factors like fleet size, vehicle locations, pooling and passenger ride times and wait times with ultra-efficient dispatching, routing, and ride matching.

In this webinar, recorded July 9, 2019, you will learn how to make on-demand fleets 10x more efficient by:

  • Using realistic demand data
  • Defining service areas and types
  • Setting service level targets
  • Testing multiple fleet configurations
  • Evaluating and optimizing passenger and fleet KPIs


Integrating Autonomous Vehicles with Public Transport


Watch presenter Luc Texier has help public transport agencies how to world plan, deploy, and manage autonomous vehicles and services and will provide lessons learned based on real-world experience.

In this webinar, recorded April 30, 2019 you will learn:
  • The required elements of an autonomous mobility service
  • How to plan and design successful services
  • Deployment and integration best practices
  • Success stories and lessons learned


Mobility Service Design: Service design for on-demand mobility services, ensure success before launch.


Bestmile CTO Marco Laumanns explains how the Bestmile platform can be used to accurately simulate mobility service performance to make sure planners get the services right before launch.


How to Test and Simulate Services to Get Them Right Before Launch


Learn how the same platform that optimizes mobility services can be used to test and simulate services before launch to ensure new services meet operator and passenger KPIs.

Alto Selects Bestmile Mobility Services Platform to Manage New Ridehailing Service


Learn why Alto selected Bestmile as its back-end platform partner for the introduction of a new kind of ridehailing experience. Alto is focused on "disrupting the disruptors" by delivering exceptional passenger service. With Bestmile providing the service management platform, Alto has been able to enter the market faster and differentiate from larger peer-to-peer service providers.

How Transit Operators Can Win the Last Mile With Autonomous or Human-Driven Solutions.


Transit operators that solve the first/last mile challenge see increased ridership across transportation modes. This on-demand webinar outlines how you can plan, implement, and manage multi-modal services that win the last mile with smart, cost-efficient solutions. Learn how your transit agency can cost-effectively reach new service areas and deliver first/last mile services that boost ridership.



Best Practices: Virtual Roundtable on Autonomous Mobility


Autonomous technology is being tested and incorporated into projects to improve safety and improve mobility. Get insight on how this technology is being used and evaluated from the Denton County Transportation Authority, the Contra Costa Transportation Authority, and the Minnesota Department of Transportation.



Bestmile Platform Overview


This animated video demonstrates how the Bestmile Fleet Orchestration Platform empowers mobility service providers to connect travelers, vehicles, and operators using autonomous and human-driven vehicles.

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