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Pushing the autonomous mobility revolution forward, Bestmile and Next Future Transportation have formed a strategic partnership to integrate their respective technologies in order to offer an on-demand and modular autonomous transport system.


This partnership will allow for the close integration of the modular self-driving vehicles of Silicon Valley’s Next Future Transportation, with the robust fleet management capabilities for autonomous vehicles of Bestmile’s cloud platform.


Next has created a smart transportation system that consists of uniquely designed, electric modules that are autonomous, and which can be ordered on demand to do a pick-up or a drop-off of passengers or goods. Each module can fit 10 passengers – 6 seated, and an additional 4 standing. Modules can connect to each other in a bus-like form to optimize freeway transit, and allow for intra-module passenger movement like a connected train. Modules can also be specialized to provide “smart services” such as a modular restaurant, living accommodations, entertainment, office and battery swap services.
The Next self-driving electric modules are designed to operate as a mass transportation system that shuttles people from door to door.


Bestmile’s cloud platform is the perfect ally to leverage the complete capabilities of Next’s autonomous electric pods and offer a truly optimized, user friendly and flexible autonomous transportation system. The robust cloud platform allows for the intelligent operation and optimization of autonomous vehicle fleets – regardless of their brand or type. Using cutting-edge algorithms, the platform sends optimized missions to the vehicles and seamlessly handles planning, dispatching, routing, and battery charging management. Bestmile also provides both front-end and back-end interfaces for operators and passengers, such as mobile and web applications.
Bestmile’s premise is that the future of mobility isn’t in autonomous vehicles themselves, but in what they can offer when they’re operated and managed collectively in an integrated ecosystem.
“This new partnership with NEXT Future Transportation is an essential milestone towards Bestmile’s vision to bring forward the next generation of efficient and accessible mobility solutions. We are very fortunate and proud to partner with NEXT’s talented and visionary team to advance autonomous mobility. No organisation alone can achieve excellence in all areas, and I believe partnerships are the way to go in the fast-growing industry of autonomous mobility.” says Raphael Gindrat, Bestmile’s CEO.


About Bestmile


Bestmile is a Swiss startup with offices in Lausanne (Switzerland) and San Francisco (USA), developing cloud technology that leverages the full potential of autonomous vehicles to tackle urban mobility challenges. A spin­off of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), Bestmile provides a fleet management platform designed to connect, operate and optimize any fleet of autonomous vehicles. It manages both scheduled trips and on-­demand service, and is independent of any vehicle manufacturer, thus allowing customers to remotely manage heterogeneous fleets composed of autonomous vehicles of different types and brands. With a unique technology and a strong core team of 25 dedicated people, Bestmile enters the next phase of its development following the closing of its $2.5M seed round. With its cutting-edge technology, Bestmile is shaping “individual robots” into an intelligent, innovative and flexible mobility system.


About Next Future Transportation


Next Future Transportation, Inc. is a technology startup based in Silicon Valley, USA and northern Italy providing an advanced smart transportation system based on swarms of modular self-driving vehicles. Such a solution solves for efficient transport on freeways, and for the first and last mile problem of the commute.
Next is actively involved in Smart-City initiatives in the U.S., Europe, Middle East and China.


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