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Meet Dan Grossman, a Board member and advisor in the shared mobility, electric vehicle, autonomous and SaaS industries, who just joined Bestmile’s Advisory Board (read the press release here). His resume reads like list of the most innovative startups in the mobility sector, with stints as CEO at Zagster and Chariot, VP of micro-transit at Ford, COO of Maven at General Motors, and early leader at Zipcar.


Starting with Zipcar as a start-up in 2009, you have launched and scaled some of the most exciting new concepts in mobility—from car sharing to micro-transit to micro-mobility.  What has drawn you to the world of new mobility services?


The Owner – Driver model is changing. It was changing in 2009 when we were in the midst of building out our business case at Zipcar. People are less interested in personal vehicle ownership and prefer to spend that money on experiences, including mobility. But shared mobility provides more variety for more trip types. Which could be a trip to the store, a weekend skiing or that last mile trip from public transit to the office. I have been fortunate to lead great teams dedicated to this initiative with cars (including EV’s) 14 passenger transit vans, cargo vans, scooters, bikes and e-Bikes. With cities focused on a more thoughtful approach to curb space, shared mobility will continue to grow and innovate.


What has attracted you to Bestmile and its vision for fleet orchestration for autonomous and human-driven mobility services?


The Bestmile fleet orchestration model is a required technology to optimize current and evolving vehicles. Autonomous services are continuing to evolve, but human-driven is still more robust now and the benefits of Bestmile are immediate and can provide convenient trips, with fewer vehicles and improved service levels at less costs to fleet owners. The value is compelling, and I see a rising trajectory ahead.


The mobility services sector has been hit hard by the global lockdowns caused by the COVID-19 crisis. What services do you see taking off as mobility providers work their way out of this?


In large dense cities with great public transit it may take some time to make riders feel safe utilizing a crowded subway or bus. I see employers taking on more responsibility in finding alternate forms of transportation to allow for social distancing and greater efficiencies. This could include micro-transit, car sharing, van pools and private bus services. Commute hours will likely shift beyond 9-5 to reduce crowds at an office as well. This will require more mobility options requiring sophisticated routing and orchestration, which can be solved with the Bestmile solution.


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