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Lausanne (Switzerland), June 16th 2016 – Local Motors is entering the autonomous mobility market and they’re teaming up with Bestmile! Ready with an autonomous shuttle system called Olli, the US company is now launching the deployment of the system commercially.  


Bestmile was chosen to be the project partner to provide its unrivaled expertise and turnkey solution for the management and optimization of autonomous vehicles fleets.
Local Motors gathered experts in every aspect of autonomous vehicles, each one of them bringing its specialized technological knowledge to provide safe, sustainable and affordable solutions to serve the mobility needs of our urbanizing world. The focus was to develop Olli, a self-optimized sustainable autonomous vehicle system.
The system is comprised of four key modules: the vehicles, the front-end interface for the passenger, the back-end interface for the operators, and operations and maintenance services.


Bestmile’s central piece of the puzzle


Bestmile is providing both the front- and back-end interfaces, in addition to the intelligence allowing the smart management and optimization of the fleet. Bestmile’s solution allows the system to autonomously re-route itself according to real-time traffic (dynamic trip planning) and to autonomously dispatch vehicles according to historical data (machine learning optimization).
The front-end interface designed for passengers – which can be applied to a smartphone app, a web interface, and digital interactive screens in public spaces – will enable them to plan their trip using either pre-defined routes or the on-demand functionality. By registering, the passenger can benefit from service optimization based on usage patterns. The interface also allows for the integration of existing ticketing schemes and various payment modes.
The back-end interface is in fact a complete management software package, including the fleet management (recharging, maintenance planning, fleet sizing), the supervision of the vehicles (route optimization, load balancing, vehicle monitoring and emergency handling), and the connection to additional systems such as ticketing, billing or other modes of transportation.


Cities need to find a sustainable solution for mobility as their population grows


By 2050, more than 70% of the world’s population will live in cities. As the population grows, the pressure on cities’ already saturated infrastructure continues to increase. Current transport systems won’t be able to sustainably support that growth, and the current applied solutions – such as raising taxes and charges on fuel and vehicles or banning conventional vehicles in city centers – wouldn’t effectively mitigate it either.
In addition to dealing with the economic limitations of heavy and long-term infrastructure investment and the need for operational profitability, operators are limited by fixed schedules and mass transport modes. They urgently need to devise a way to increase, or at least maintain, the level and quality of service to their customers.
As of today, customers are presented with solutions that are either limited, rigid, inefficient or expensive, polluting and time consuming. Even as new mobility models are emerging, these alternatives are not yet suitable enough.


Autonomous mobility revolution


Local Motors, alongside with Bestmile, envisioned and brought to life a turnkey solution that is shared, sustainable and autonomous! Olli reduces operational costs by 50-80% and empowers public transport operators, fleet operators and even municipalities to create new business models. Impact scenarios include the extension, densification or substitution  of the existing transport system.
Olli, as a complete autonomous vehicle system combining state-of-the-art self-driving shuttles and an efficient fleet optimization and management platform, provides a  highly efficient, flexible, scalable, convenient and profitable solution that dramatically increases both the reach and the quality of the mobility services. Passengers can experience on-demand, connected mobility adapting to their needs in real time that is also affordable.


About Local Motors


Local Motors combines co-creation and micro-manufacturing to bring hardware innovations to market at unprecedented speed. They operate a growing global network of microfactories. Each destination is a place where innovators create amazing products and consumers come to marvel and shop. Local Motors offers its unique product development system to select partners who want to innovate at a similar speed.


About Bestmile


A spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), Bestmile provides a fleet management platform designed to operate and optimize fleets of autonomous vehicles regardless of the type or brand. Bestmile’s cloud technology leverages the full potential of autonomous vehicles to tackle urban mobility challenges. After launching its first commercial project with Switzerland’s main transport operator in December 2015, Bestmile now has a foot in the US with this first partnership, a subsidiary and exciting additional projects to come. In parallel, Bestmile is actively strengthening its presence in Asia and will announce partnerships in the coming months.


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