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Every year, the New Cities Foundation selects the 10 most path-breaking startups and social enterprises in the world to join the community of Global Urban Innovators. The New Cities Foundation looks for cutting edge startups and social enterprises that use technology to address urban challenges in the following areas : Urban Mobility, Urban Infrastructure & Services, Health & Wellness and Placemaking.


Bestmile is proud and humbled to be part of the 2016 class of Global Urban Innovators, along side with some of the world’s most incredible and innovative companies. It is a unique opportunity for Bestmile to share its vision for mobility. Being chosen as a Global Urban Innovator reinforces Bestmile conviction that autonomous mobility will  transform cities and re-shape the way we move, but only if we exploit its full potential. Autonomous mobility is not about removing the drivers and giving us free time as we are being drive, it’s about leveraging the full power of a ground breaking innovation to solve a major societal issue.


Urban mobility is one of the most baffling challenges for cities all over the world. Demographic change and urban population expansion are putting pressure into cities saturated public transport infrastructures. At the same time, people are becoming increasingly aware that transportation is one of the biggest cause of greenhouse gas emissions, in addition to deteriorating the living conditions inside the cities.


The future of mobility isn’t in autonomous vehicles but in what they can offer once they’re operated and managed altogether. At the scale required to support fleets of autonomous vehicles, there is a need for a global fleet management solution to optimize traffic and ecological footprint. It will then offer an innovative and complete mobility solution that is a real individual 24/7 service, both efficient and sustainable. Fleet management is about deciding in real time what each and every vehicle needs to do in order to get  the best performance from the fleet with a minimum of resources. Which car needs to be at point A, which cars needs to imperceptibly slow down in order to avoid traffic congestion, and more. Such platform is equivalent to a control tower in an airport. Without it, a fleet of airplanes couldn’t be operated, even if equipped with autopilot.


About Bestmile


Incorporated in January 2014, Bestmile is a Swiss start-up offering technology for urban mobility. Spin-off from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), Bestmile provides a fleet management platform designed to optimize and operate any fleet of autonomous vehicles. Bestmile’s cutting edge technology brings coherence to autonomous vehicle fleets by shaping “individual robots” into an intelligent, innovative and flexible mobility system. Benefiting from the support of major players in the mobility industry, Bestmile position itself as a key player in the autonomous mobility revolution.


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