Lausanne (Switzerland) & San Francisco (USA), July 21st 2016 – Bestmile, the Swiss startup providing a cloud-based fleet management platform designed to connect, operate and optimize any fleet of autonomous vehicles, officially announced the closing of its $2.5M seed round led by a renowned Swiss technology investor based in the Zurich area and completed by the US venture capital firm Perot Jain, L.P., Forticap SA based in Geneva, and private investors from Switzerland, Germany and Silicon Valley.


Bestmile quickly became a key player in the autonomous mobility industry, owing to its robust cloud platform that allows for the intelligent operation and optimization of autonomous vehicle fleets – regardless of their brand or type. As a B2B technology company, Bestmile’s premise is that the future of mobility isn’t in autonomous vehicles themselves, but in what they can offer when they’re operated and managed collectively in an integrated ecosystem.
Bestmile recently launched “SmartShuttle” in Sion (Switzerland), its first commercial project, in partnership with PostBus, the largest provider of public bus transportation in Switzerland,  leading the first instance in which electric autonomous shuttles are circulating through a city center and servicing the public on a daily basis.


Bestmile achieves today another crucial milestone with the closing of its first round of funding. The funds will be used to rapidly scale the team internationally, accelerate R&D development, and boost growth through business development and partnerships with cities, vehicle manufacturers, tech companies, and mobility providers. “Most importantly, besides the funds, each investor is bringing his qualified network and expertise, which are essential to support a rapidly growing start-up. We are very fortunate to benefit from the know-how of our accomplished investors and serial entrepreneurs to help us move efficiently towards our vision for accessible mobility and sustainable cities”, says Raphael Gindrat, Bestmile’s CEO and co-founder.


Autonomous mobility is no longer science fiction. It’s here today, and Bestmile is the first company allowing autonomous vehicles to be managed as a fleet. Bestmile posits that in the long run, and at the scale required to support thousands of autonomous vehicles, there is an even greater need for a global fleet management solution to optimize real-time dispatching and routing, network between fleets, and reduce the ecological footprint. The cloud platform is operating as the backbone for various mobility providers – both public and private – to integrate and offer effective mobility services for wide-ranging applications, including public bus and shuttle services, taxi fleets, ride-sharing and car-sharing services, among others.
In order to fulfil its vision and offer a complete autonomous mobility solution, Bestmile has already partnered with various autonomous shuttle manufacturers, including France-based Navya, US-based Local Motors, and most recently with NEXT Future Transportation, an advanced smart transportation system based on swarms of modular self-driving vehicles. New collaborations will be announced in the near future and will expand Bestmile’s portfolio of partnerships to advance autonomous mobility


About Bestmile


Bestmile is a Swiss startup with offices in Lausanne and San Francisco, developing cloud technology that leverages the full potential of autonomous vehicles to tackle urban mobility challenges.
A spinoff of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne (EPFL), Bestmile provides a fleet management platform designed to connect, operate and optimize any fleet of autonomous vehicles. It manages both scheduled trips and on-­demand service, and is independent of any vehicle manufacturer, thus allowing mobility providers to remotely manage heterogeneous fleets composed of autonomous vehicles of different types and brands.
With its cutting-edge technology, Bestmile is shaping “individual robots” into an intelligent, innovative and flexible mobility system. With a unique technology, a large market opportunity, a strong core team of 20 dedicated people and 2.5 years of being entirely self-funded and profitable, Bestmile is now ready to enter the next phase of its development following the closing of its first round of funding.