One Platform, Any Vehicle

Enable any vehicle brand or type to work together as fleets.

The Bestmile Mobility Services Platform

The Bestmile Mobility Services Platform features a powerful core engine that provides end-to-end fleet optimization and management for autonomous and human-driven vehicles, enabling mobility service providers to add new services and to integrate these services into existing multi-modal environments.


Core Engine Key Features

A Turnkey Cloud Solution

The Bestmile platform is a complete, fully customizable cloud solution with a core engine that provides everything mobility service providers need to create and manage next generation mobility services.

Resource & Fleet

  • Vehicle onboarding & registration
  • Vehicle health monitoring
  • Vehicle cleaning & maintenance management
  • Field agent communication & task assignment

Mobility Service

  • Service design, planning & scheduling
  • Vehicle service assignments
  • Automated vehicle matching, routing & dispatching
  • Service ticket tracking


  • Pricing, billing & payment
  • Traveler onboarding, CRM & profile management
  • Marketing offers & traveler communications
  • Help-desk & ticket management


  • 360 data collection
  • Historical & real-time analytics
  • Performance & compliance reporting
  • Machine learning & demand forecasting

End-to-End Mobility Services Management

The Bestmile platform allows mobility service providers to quickly deploy new autonomous shuttle, robotaxi, ridehailing, and micro-transit services, and to integrate these services into existing transportation networks.

Professional Tools & Applications

The Bestmile Mobility Services Platform comes with all the applications that mobility service providers need to connect travelers, drivers, and vehicles. Compatible with all operating systems, Bestmile tools can be branded by mobility providers and can also integrate with operators’ existing systems with minimal modifications.

Bestmile Operator Dashboard

The Operator Dashboard displays and controls every aspect of the management of mobility services including service planning, service area configuration, daily operation reporting, help-desk and ticketing, data analytics and more. Mobility service provider administrators can create role-based access to modules for multiple users.

  • Control center - Centralized, real-time fleet definition, management & optimization.
  • Field agent communication - Notify nearest field agent of service issues.
  • Help desk - Automatically generates & route tickets to the right resource.
  • Data intelligence - Historical, real-time & predictive analytics.
  • Transport domains - Define & edit on-demand & fixed-route service areas.
  • Scheduling service - Define service times, assign vehicles & update passengers.
  • Fleet management - Track vehicle maintenance & cleaning status for the entire fleet.

Field Agent Application

The platform’s field agent app is a mobile application that serves as an extension of the Operator Dashboard, allowing operators on the ground to stay informed and connected, with a view of vehicle locations and status, and with the ability to perform service operations.

  • Notifications from Operator Dashboard
  • Real-time location of vehicles
  • Read & write access to tickets & alerts
  • Ability to send commands to a vehicle
  • Live telemetry/status data from vehicles
  • Checklists to confirm condition of vehicles
  • View of trouble tickets & vehicle status
Driver Application

For human-driven vehicles, the driver app enables the platform to send optimized assignments directly to drivers, informing the driver of the pick-up point, the destination, the traveler's I.D., and the fastest routes to the traveler and the destination.

  • Vehicle tracking
  • Automated dispatch
  • Location of traveler
  • Verification of rider I.D.
  • Location of destination
  • Optimal route to destination

Traveler Applications & Web Interfaces

Traveler applications are white label and can be rebranded by mobility providers. As an alternative, mobility providers can also connect their own traveler applications to Bestmile core engine using Bestmile's traveler APIs.

Traveler Mobile App

The Bestmile traveler app keeps travelers updated about vehicle availability and arrival times, and enables them to request scheduled or on-demand trips with a tap on the screen. Users create account profiles to use the application for identity and payment verification.

  • Real-time location of the vehicles
  • Consult ETA
  • Book a trip
  • Verification of traveler I.D.
  • Choose between several alternatives to get to destination
  • Pay from the app
  • Operator communications for service changes, disruptions
  • Background information about the service & transport company
Interactive Kiosks & Web Portals

Bestmile’s kiosk application is developed for touchscreens to allow travelers to browse for information about the service, view promotional videos, use a QR code to download the passenger application, and to leave feedback. Like the kiosk, a public web portal offers online access to real-time status, schedules, and timing of services.

  • Real-time location of the vehicles 
  • Consult ETA
  • Notifications of service changes or disruptions & operator messages
  • Static information about the service & transport company
  • Request next vehicle to stop

APIs and Multi-Modal Integrations

Open protocols and APIs allow the Bestmile platform to communicate seamlessly with vehicles of any brand or type, to connect with operator backend systems, and to integrate new services into multi-modal environments.

Vehicle Protocols

Bestmile has developed a bidirectional, open source protocol called Hermes to make it easy to integrate the Bestmile platform with any vehicle technology, extracting the necessary vehicle telemetry data and sending missions and directions to vehicles or drivers without altering the vehicle’s technology in any way. The platform can also receive and send information to vehicles through vehicle manufacturers’ protocols.


Bestmile offers specialized traveler APIs that allow transportation software providers to develop their own traveler applications and interfaces on top of the Bestmile platform. The traveler API can be used to develop mobile, web, and kiosk traveler applications that allow passengers to create accounts, book rides, see vehicle locations and schedules, make payments, receive notifications from operators, and more.


Bestmile’s multi-modal API can be used to integrate the Bestmile platform into multi-modal environments to exchange data with other transportation systems such as train, bus, and carsharing networks. In a multi-modal integration, the API makes it possible to synchronize schedules with other transport modes, and to adjust mobility services in real-time as events cause changes in demand.

Visit the developer portal for more information about Bestmile APIs and integrations.


Third-Party Integrations

The Bestmile platform supports integrations with third-party software and data providers to simplify mobility services management.

Billing &

Integrate with existing financial & accounting systems.

Timetables &

Communicate seamlessly with vehicle scheduling systems.


Link to CRM, help-desk & customer support systems.


Integrate third-party data streams such as traffic, weather & maps.

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