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Two leaders in Swiss mobility, train operator SBB and bus service provider CarPostal recently announced plans to team up to offer the country’s first Mobility as a Service (MaaS) solution.


MaaS solutions allow travelers to plan door-to-door trips that book multiple modes of transit using a single smartphone application. Offering such a service requires integrating technology and time tables from all participating service providers.


SBB and CarPostal will work together to develop the new mobile app. The goal is to make it easier for residents and visitors to use public transport and to reduce the number of vehicles on streets and highways.


The effort is part of SBB’s “Swiss Smart Mobility” project, which CarPostal already supports. The joint application will show schedules and connections in real time, as well as the occupancy of the buses and trains, and any schedule delays. The app is also set to include car and bicycle sharing and carpooling for “last-mile” connections.


SBB and CarPostal have both been innovating with other mobility modes including autonomous shuttles. Both are among the first service providers in the world to deploy driverless buses on city streets–SBB in Zug and CarPostal in Sion—using Bestmile’s Mobility Services Platform to orchestrate the fleets.


With this partnership, SBB and CarPostal hope to “reduce duplication and create synergies,” making transportation easier and more convenient for travelers.


CarPostal, part of Switzerland’s PostBus, has evolved as a motorized successor to horse-drawn coaches that carried passengers and mail in Switzerland and was part of the Swiss Post until 2005. It now operates 2300 vehicles and carries 155 million passengers annually. SBB, Swiss Federal Railways, was formed in 1900 and now carries 1.2 million passengers daily.


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