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More than 300 mobility professionals registered for Bestmile’s February 26 webinar, “Integrating Autonomous Vehicles with Public Transport.” Bestmile’s Luc Texier, who has guided many of the world’s first and most successful public autonomous vehicle projects, shared best practices based on lessons learned from real-world experience.


The recorded webinar is now available on-demand.


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The webinar reviews the many uncertainties associated with new types of vehicles and mobility services, and how these vehicles and services can work within public transport networks. While autonomous vehicles get a lot of media attention, the elements of a successful service get less play. Luc presents a phased approach to autonomous services that has worked in multiple cities around the world.


In this recorded webinar you will learn:


• The required elements of an autonomous mobility service

• How to plan and design successful services

• Deployment and integration best practices

• Success stories and lessons learned


Also included are questions posed by audience members and answers provided after the formal presentation.


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