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Gaussin announced that its solution in the Dubai World Challenge for Self-Driving Transport, which leveraged a consortium of autonomous mobility partners, including Bestmile, has won the prize for Energy and Environmental Sustainability.


The award was created as a catalyst to reach the city’s goal of making 25 percent of all trips smart and driverless by 2030. Demonstrations were held in the Dubai Challenge from August through September, and the award was announced at the Dubai World Congress for Self-Driving Transport on October 15.


This award acknowledges the successful development by Gaussin over several years to provide passengers with world-class autonomous vehicles, using the Bestmile Platform to offer highly efficient and orchestrated services.


The 2019 challenge addressed first and last-mile autonomous transport. Entrants were asked to demonstrate AVs transporting people to and from transit hubs, between parking lots and venues, and within developments and campuses.  Gaussin demonstrated a station-based, fixed route, open access service using Gaussin autonomous vehicles with services optimized by the Bestmile Fleet Orchestration Platform.


“The potential for autonomous mobility is not just in the vehicles, but in the services they can offer when working together,” said Bestmile CEO Raphael Gindrat. “Bestmile’s vehicle agnostic orchestration technology can be used to transform autonomous vehicles into intelligent fleets.”


Bestmile’s Fleet Orchestration Platform is the only solution of its kind that is vehicle agnostic, can manage autonomous and human-driven vehicles, supports on-demand and time-based services, integrates with multiple transport modes, and provides end-to-end applications for travelers, drivers, and operators


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