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Bestmile won the Innovation Prize at the 2916 PERL Prize !
The entire team is humbled to receive this incredible award and proud to have its work recognize by its home region.
To win the prize, Bestmile had to convince the Jury of its business model, economic potential and the economic impact for the Lausanne region.
Watch the full PERL-giving Ceremony here.


Established in 2003, the PERL Prize, only prize in Switzerland organized and financed by the community, has grown into becoming a central element of the support and the economic promotion of the region. It rewards annually companies (SME &SMI), established on the territory of its member municipalities, having an idea, a project of product or innovative service which has an economic impact for Lausanne, its region and its development.
In 14 years, these prizes allowed to support more than 52 projects for a total amount of more than CHF 1’300’000. The diversity of rewarded companies ,actives in both traditional domains and business innovation/high-tech, is the proof of the vitality and the inventiveness of the regional economic fabric.

Find out more about the PERL Prize here.


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