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Lausanne, Switzerland and San Francisco, Calif, July 9th, 2020 —Bestmile, the leading Fleet Orchestration Platform that automates dispatching, routing, and ride matching for human-driven and autonomous fleets, announced a partnership with UAE-based sustainable transportation company ION. Initial deployments include ride-hailing, autonomous shuttle and last mile delivery of medical supplies.


“The intelligence of Bestmile’s technology allows us to expand our business across existing and new sectors,” says Nasir Al Shamsi of ION. “We are now able to quickly design, integrate, and deploy a solution that maximizes the utilization of our fleet and drivers whilst ensuring a first-class service for our customers”


The Bestmile Fleet Orchestration Platform receives ride requests in real-time, intelligently dispatches vehicles with optimized routes based on traffic and the destinations of the rides, while allowing mobility providers to control operational and customer experience requirements across multiple service types such as autonomous and human driven passenger solutions along with last mile delivery capabilities. The platform continually updates fleet status, traffic, and demand data, always sending the right vehicle to the right place at the right time.


“We are proud to partner with ION and play a key part in their exciting business plans,” said Raphael Gindrat, CEO of Bestmile. “This partnership validates the power and flexibility of our Fleet Orchestration Platform to serve as a foundation that mobility providers can use to design and deliver multiple types of mobility services with the same software.”


Bestmile’s Fleet Orchestration Platform is the only solution of its kind that supports autonomous and human-driven vehicles of any brand or type and enables them to work together as efficient, intelligent fleets. Mobility service providers around the world use the platform to deliver high-value ridehailing, robotaxi, micro-transit, and autonomous shuttle services capable of transporting more people with fewer vehicles while meeting traveler expectations and business requirements.


The Bestmile platform includes a complete suite of operator control systems and supports mobile applications that can be easily configured, and the platform’s APIs can be used to integrate operator tools and applications. The technology is cloud-based and can manage multiple fleets and locations, and offers multiple points of integration with operator, vehicle, driver, traveler and external data.


About Bestmile

Bestmile’s Fleet Orchestration Platform empowers mobility providers to deploy, manage and optimize autonomous and conventional vehicle fleets, supporting time-based and on-demand services, regardless of the vehicle brand or type. The Bestmile platform allows operators to support multi-service offerings in a safe and efficient manner by integrating new mobility services in the existing transportation ecosystem. Bestmile’s Fleet Orchestration Platform is being used daily throughout the world in shared autonomous and conventional fleets in pedestrian areas and on public roads. Incorporated in 2014, Bestmile has global in San Francisco (USA) and Lausanne (Switzerland).


About ION

Established in 2018, Ion is a UAE-based sustainable transport company, formed as a joint venture between Bee’ahand Crescent Enterprises. Through innovations in green mobility, ION is promoting economic and environmental sustainability, and driving on-demand availability in multi-modal, inter-urban, transport networks. Consistently ensuring high quality and product safety in all applications, ION is creating a zero-emissions transport infrastructure in the MENA region and beyond.



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