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Bestmile is proud to be one of the two new companies selected to join the Scale-up Vaud community, bringing their number to 16.
To be labeled “Scale-Up Vaud”, companies must have existed for at least 3 years, be innovative and have an average employment growth of more than 20% per year. A scale-up also aims to becoming a leading company in its global market.


In 2016, labelled Scale-ups have created 140 jobs in 2016 in Switzerland, compared with 83 for 2015. Scale-ups include Abionic, Atracsys, DEPsys, DomoSafety, Elite, eSmart, GreenMotion, INGPHI, Lunaphore, NetGuardians, NexTink, PIX4D, RegenLab, SenseFly and Sophia Genetics.


Scale-up Vaud is the first program to support companies with high potential in Switzerland. It aims to enhance innovative companies and support their growth. The resources devoted to entrepreneurship tend to focus on the start-up phases of companies. Companies that have gone beyond this phase face other challenges in achieving their development and have other needs. Scale-Up Vaud has been created to provide tailored support specifically targeting these companies growth.


Since 2016, there have been several partners under the label Scale-Up Vaud. Platinum coaches can intervene on a number of issues, including the establishment of partnerships, the challenges of the growth, strategic positioning issues. Alliance advisors help build collaborations with research institutes. Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE) supports Scale-ups in their international business processes, in particular via the Swiss Business Hubs in 21 countries. The Vaud Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CVCI) helps scale-ups in the legal field, specifically on human resources and tax issues.


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