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Bestmile has joined the Shared Research Programme (SRP) of the Smart Mobility Living Lab (SMLL). The lab is the UK’s most advanced urban testbed for connected and autonomous vehicles and allows members to explore, test, and validate products, services, and solutions. The SRP is a collaborative effort where partners work together to discover and understand the issues and requirements in the field of connected vehicles and shared mobility.


Bestmile provides its Fleet Orchestration Platform that mobility providers can use to transform connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs) of any brand or type into intelligent fleets. It is the only solution of its kind that is vehicle agnostic, can manage autonomous and human-driven vehicles, supports on-demand and time-based services, and integrates with multiple transport modes. The platform also provides end-to-end applications for travelers, drivers, and operators. The Bestmile Platform expands the programme’s capabilities from testing vehicle alone to also testing how fleets of vehicles can work together to intelligently deliver mobility services.


The Smart Mobility Living Lab provides access to over 24km of instrumented public and private roads that can be used to test CAVs and mobility solutions. The public Royal Borough of Greenwich site allows more advanced testing and trials in a complex real-world environment. The private Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park environment offers a more open, campus-like setting.


“The SRP aims to bring together the most forward-thinking minds in the transport and technology industries to fully utilize the insights gained from the SMLL testbed,” said Paul Zanelli, Director of Strategic Ventures TRL, the project lead for SMLL. “Each of the new members adds a unique perspective which will diversify and maximize the learnings our users are able to take from the facility. This will be instrumental in making CAVs commercially viable for safe deployment on UK roads.”


The SMLL consortium comprises world-leading expertise from across the transport and technology sectors, including TRL, DG Cities, Cisco, Cubic, Loughborough University, Transport for London and the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.


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