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Bestmile’s Luc Texier was in Stockholm on May 23 to accept the Company of the Year Award at the tenth annual Global Cleantech 100 award ceremony held at the Cleantech Forum Europe.


“Our mission is ‘To make transportation efficient, affordable and available for all,’” said Bestmile cofounder Anne Mellano. “This award recognizes the social and environmental value of highly efficient mobility services.”


Bestmile’s was recognized for the highly optimized mobility services made possible by its Fleet Orchestration Platform. The platform enables mobility providers to move more people and goods with fewer vehicles to reduce the number of vehicles, kilometers-driven, and emissions by as much as 10-fold.


What it Means


The award winners “represent the most innovative and promising ideas in cleantech” and those that “are best positioned to solve tomorrow’s clean technology challenges,” Global Cleantech said in a statement. “We pull together thousands of data-points, objective and subjective, quantitative and qualitative, from all over the world, with the end objective of identifying where the consensus of sentiment and opinion seems to lie amongst the international cleantech community.”


The View from the Front Lines


The award recognizes that challenges that cities face as up to 75 percent of the world’s population is expected to live in the largest metropolises by 2050, challenging already strained roads and transit systems with little room for expansion. At the same time poor urban air quality, much of it caused by fossil-fuel powered vehicles, is responsible for millions of premature deaths each year. For many cities, economic and environmental sustainability are at stake.


Award Process


The intention of the Global Cleantech 100 awards is to evaluate and recognize the private companies that are most likely to make significant market and environmental impact over the next five to ten years. Winners must be validated by multiple nomination sources which include:


  • An expert panel of 87 investors  and multi-national corporation representatives
  • Global Cleantech’s platform that tracks the investment and partnership history of over 13,000 relevant companies
  • Evaluation of over 250 third-party awards where expert assessment has been applied
  • The Cleantech Group’s sector analysts
  • Online nominations through the Greentech Group’s website


At the conference, Luc Texier also gave a keynote address, “Mobility for the 2020’s: A Progress Report from the Front Lines.”


The Cleantech Group


The Cleantech Group is committed to the development and marketability of clean technologies and provides members of its network access to capital, investors, research and promotional opportunities. The group also provides advisory services for large corporations and governments.


In addition to presenting the Global Cleantech 100, the Cleantech Group and its network of investors, entrepreneurs, enterprises, and service providers also publishes research, data and industry news coverage; produces the Cleantech Forum series of international conferences which includes the Cleantech Forum San Francisco[4] and Cleantech Europe which are two of the longest running industry events of their kind.


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