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Bestmile is pleased to announce that its technology has been chosen by the Transport Publics Fribourgeois (TPF), the public transport operator of the state of Fribourg in Switzerland, to operate and optimize a new fleet of driverless vehicles connecting the Marly Innovation Center (MIC) to its urban public transport network.


Successfully responding to the challenge of last mile connections, the autonomous mobility service allows commuters to reach their workplaces and residents to connect to the established TPF’s network in previously unserved areas. This project enables the TPF to use available resources efficiently while positively impacting the development of new businesses in the MIC neighbourhood. As of today, more than 100 startups are already established in the MIC and 1’000 housing units are planned to be built in the area.


“We are really excited about working with Bestmile. Using their flagship product, Bestmile Platform, we’ll be developing a truly innovative and forward-thinking public transportation concept. This new fleet of driverless shuttles will transport people on fixed and on-demand routes and will complement ideally our existing transport offering” says Laura Andres, Project Manager at TPF.


The TPF are now among the first operators in Switzerland to include automated driverless shuttle services in their regular schedule. During rush hours, the shuttle will cover the 1.3 km long route in minutes, offering four possible stops along the path. Regarding off-peak hours and weekends, the service will eventually be available on-demand. The autonomous shuttles are moving passengers in a system composed of open roads with soft mobility and mixed traffic. The TPF are already considering other opportunities to deploy the solution offered by autonomous mobility services elsewhere in Fribourg.


The inauguration of the autonomous shuttle service took place on Sept. 22nd in the presence of the medias. From now on, the service will run on weekdays from 6:30am to 7pm.


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