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Joe Moye is he CEO of Beeep AV Solutions. Beep, headquartered in Orlando, Florida, offers autonomous mobility solutions to fleet owners and operators in low speed environmentsacross the public and private sector.


Tell us about Beep and how you got involved with the company.

Beep is an autonomous mobility solutions provider of driverless shuttles and fully managed services in both private and public communities. We have a unique service offering inclusive of innovative processes to manage, operate and maintain AV fleets. I joined Beep as CEO shortly after its inception in February of 2019. I was introduced to Beep by its founders who I have had the pleasure of working with in past ventures, including two other very successful tech startups.


You launched your first service in Lake Nona, Florida, in September last year. How has it been going?

It’s going very well and the response from the community has been very positive. We have two shuttles running on a mixed-use public road connecting Lake Nona residents to the services, amenities and retail establishments in the community. Ridership has been impressive – we will soon welcome our 7500th rider since we launched the services a little over three months ago and we are planning to deploy additional routes in Lake Nona soon.


There has been a lot of discussion about how people respond to autonomous vehicles. What has been Beep’s experience?

There is a lot of interest and excitement around the technology of autonomous transportation. People are very eager to check it out and ride in the shuttle. I think that the population at large is still uncertain about the safety of fully autonomous vehicles out on the open road driving anywhere, any speed, any time – but our controlled speed shared mobility use case with an attendant onboard helps to ease some of that apprehension and acclimate the public to the features and benefits of the technology. At Beep, we are extremely conscious of safety and our riders are very aware of the emphasis we place on their well-being and on a positive rider experience.


What has been the most pleasant and unpleasant surprises from launch until now?

The most pleasant surprise is the rapid acceptance and adoption of the technology by the community including even first responders and law enforcement. The positive feedback and the fun that folks are having with this new mobility option is awesome to be a part of. We even had one child in the community dress as the Beep shuttle for Halloween! I can’t really say that we have had any unpleasant surprises. I am very hopeful that this trend continues! I would say that it is critical to keep pushing for the regulatory and legislative changes required to enable our market to safely expand the use of this important technology.


How has Bestmile helped Beep?

Beep has integrated Bestmile’s fleet orchestration solutions into our managed service offering including the management and monitoring of our AV fleet. The Bestmile platform enables us to continually optimize all aspects of its autonomous fleet performance, including vehicle maintenance and service delivery to data analytics and machine learning for continuous improvement. We are very pleased to have Bestmile’s capabilities as part of our suite of safe, modern and scalable mobility solutions.  We will be leveraging the fleet orchestration and ridehailing core capabilities in 2020 as we expand our mobility networks.


The rides are free at this point. Will that change or is there a different business model than fare collection?

At this time the rides are provided to the community free of charge by Lake Nona and Beep to further promote ridership and adoption. We do have an advertising program we have deployed on the shuttles to offset some of the costs. Digital and print advertising space is available on the shuttles.  Revenue generation models will be critical to the expansion of public and private mobility service offerings and we are working on several new programs and platforms for fee collection, destination charges, mobility passes, etc.


What does the future hold for Beep?

Our vision is to transform multi-passenger mobility and safety and advance the use of sustainable energy through the deployment of new, autonomous transportation solutions. We have aspirations to be the recognized leader of multi-passenger, electric, autonomous mobility managed services for both public and private deployments of first-mile/last-mile fleets in the U.S. market. And we plan to have fun getting there!  We are very energized about the future and our previous success with other leading, revolutionary technologies that place us in a unique position to seize it!


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