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You describe yourself as a problem solver. What problem is Profi Mobility solving?

Well, today, I am seeing major cities being crowded by cars – mostly stuck in a traffic jam, struggling to find a free parking spot, causing noise and air pollution and what not, and I think to myself: where did we go wrong?


Here at ProfiMobility, we strive to crack this problem once and for all – we are offering a personalized solution of on-demand mobility services through hybrid & electric Fords that can carry various people at once, which helps both to empty the streets as well as to clear the air.


But we don’t wanna limit ourselves to cities only. These days, we are seeing more and more outskirt and suburban areas being connected to a metropolitan area one way or another. And more often than not, people living in the outskirts are not being offered the quality that would otherwise be considered a standard in the cities, and we wanna challenge that.


We perceive the suburban areas just as important as the city downtowns, and we wanna provide them with a solution they deserve. We are connecting the suburban with the cities through an affordable alternative that, as opposed to the usual means of public transport, is high quality, comfortable and contemporary.



What have been the biggest challenges in getting Profi Mobility up and running?

The challenge is still ongoing I think, and we still have a lot to tackle ahead of us… ProfiTaxi used to be a dispatching taxi company, and we are doing our best to rebuild it into a fast-paced and agile technological organization. This transformation first has to start in the way the whole company thinks, its organization and structure and the way it obtains customer data and the ability to utilize it.


Other than that, we have also been hit with the pandemic situation from the very moment of founding the company – that obviously was a huge hit that hurt us a lot. We were forced to re-calibrate our go-to market & growth strategy  in general pivot and improvise a lot. But that’s one of the most challenging, yet satisfying, things about start-ups, isn’t it?


Well, and after withstanding the first storm, here comes our products: SmartBus and CITYA.



How has the response been by the public?

Very positive so far, I have to say, despite the pandemic. We managed to nail down the needs of both the B2B and the B2G market segments really well, and together with Bestmile technology and our mobility knowledge and experience, we are able to provide a truly one-of-a-kind solution. The market seems to be very pumped about it, and now it’s our turn to show that we have what it takes and grow to fulfil our potential.



You have been involved in a number of startups. What drew you to the mobility business?

Urban mobility is a very complex vertical with some very sophisticated problems that companies and organizations all around the world are trying to solve. While pioneering and trying to shed some light on the issues of mobility, it also allows me to run a sustainable business having a positive impact on the place where I live, and help reduce the ecological footprint.


Moreover, through the advancement of technology, we now have the tools that have never been disposable to the human kind when dealing with the complexities of this industry, and that opens a door for innovation and ground-breaking solutions.


If managed well, mobility is key for the growth and development of cities and regions.



You started in the Taxi business. Do you see a future for the traditional taxi business?

Actually, I started in consulting & advisory, and it’s been a long way to the traditional taxi business. Honestly, I think that with all the technology we have today, combined with the potential of autonomous vehicles, the field of mobility will navigate according to the needs of the people, not the form of the transportation.



What do you wish people understood about their mobility choices?

I wish the consumers and companies realized the trade-off for their comfort and the impact of the chosen means of transport in case of an individual car ownership – air pollution, crowded cities, inefficiency etc.


We are seeing the world shifting towards a sustainable way of living, and it’s about time for each and every one of us to pull our weight.


Not to mention the comfort from owning and driving your very own car is very often nothing but a huge misconception – in the very city centres, there is nothing faster than public transport, building and developing the urban infrastructure costs non-neglectable amounts that come from the pockets of the tax-payers, and all of that in exchange for massive inefficiencies as the majority of the vehicles are occupied by 1 person only.



What is the future for Profi Mobility?

Very bright, in my humble opinion. The DRT is one of the most innovative technologies in the people transportation, and ProfiMobility is the first and the most progressive organization to advocate these dynamics in the Czech Republic. We offer a made-to-measure solution by operating locally in a very well known environment, utilizing the know-how from abroad verified in major European cities and initiating collaborations and partnerships with key players in the industry that manifest the topic of sustainable mobility and innovations. Very crucial is our collaboration with city mayors to help incorporate our solutions into the long-term strategy and vision of the cities to truly help elevate the efficiency and development of the traffic infrastructure.


One of our biggest leg-ups is that we know our exact spot in the mobility ecosystem and we strive to be the very best within our boundaries. We don’t lose our focus over other layers and pieces of the traffic puzzle – we leave that for other dedicated players.


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