Mobility Service Markets

Bestmile is working with the most forward-thinking and advanced mobility services businesses and organizations in the world to simplify and accelerate the deployment and management of autonomous and human-driven mobility service fleets.


Bestmile is helping new and conventional mobility service providers deliver new autonomous and human-driven services and to add new services to existing transportation networks.


Transit operators are turning to new autonomous and human-driven mobility services to extend services to underserved areas and to augment other transport modes. Bestmile enables transit providers to manage vehicles of any brand as a fleet and to integrate new services with existing transit systems with minimal backend modifications.

Taxi Companies & TNCs

The Bestmile platform makes it easy for ridehailing businesses to go to market, and for traditional taxi businesses to migrate to Transportation Network Company (TNC)-type services. By supporting both human-driven and autonomous vehicles the Bestmile platform can also prepare these businesses to transition to autonomous robotaxi services.

Rental Car

Bestmile enables rental car companies to offer new on-demand mobility services using vehicles of any brand. With backend ride matching and routing algorithms to match supply with demand, as well as white label traveler mobile apps, rental car businesses can adapt and offer new on-demand ridehailing and robotaxi services.

OEM Mobility

Vehicle manufacturers are shifting from selling commoditized products to delivering mobility services with autonomous vehicles. The Bestmile platform can work with any vehicle brand and any onboard technology, and supply traveler and back-office integrations to simplify and accelerate entrance into new mobility services markets.


Case Study

Enabling Autonomous Smart Shuttles on City Streets

Autonomous mobility is poised to transform the way we move. Bestmile is enabling PostAuto, Switzerland’s largest bus transit company, to deploy autonomous vehicles and new mobility services to extend its existing transportation network with autonomous mobility services.



Bestmile is working with the world's leading vehicle manufacturers and hardware and software suppliers to create valuable mobility services management solutions.

OEMs / Vehicle

Vehicle manufacturers and OEMs are creating the smart autonomous vehicles the world is waiting for, and Bestmile is enabling mobility service providers to use these vehicles to deliver high-value next-generation mobility services today. Bestmile partners with global vehicle manufacturers and OEMs to seamlessly communicate with vehicle control software, accelerating and streamlining the deployment of autonomous and human-driven fleets.


Technology companies are providing the hardware and software, including advanced sensors, lasers, artificial intelligence, and machine learning technology that control autonomous vehicles. Bestmile communicates with these technologies to manage and optimize fleet services, developing integrations that will accelerate fleet service deployment, management, and optimization and provide mobility service providers with turnkey solutions.

Conventional Fleet
Management Software

Conventional fleet software products are optimized for human-driven fleets and often limited in their ability to monitor, manage, and optimize services in real time. The Bestmile platform enables human-driven fleet management software to integrate autonomous vehicles into fleets and to provide advanced automated dispatching, route optimization, data collection and analysis, and machine learning-driven performance improvement.


Bestmile’s technology is at work optimizing public and private fleets, autonomous and human-driven vehicles throughout the world, transporting hundreds of thousands of travelers on city streets.

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