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Mobility as a Service (MaaS) offers a single mobile app that can be used to book door-to-door journeys using multiple modes of transport from different service providers. The promise is to make multi-modal journeys easy to view options, book and pay for the preferred choices and enjoy a seamless trip via any combination of public and private transport.


As MaaS can make multi-modal transit convenient and easy, each service that is bookable through a MaaS app must be orchestrated in order to make the trips themselves efficient and predictable. A successful journey will require that each mode that is booked departs and arrives as planned, with the traveler making the needed transfers. If the trip from one’s front door to the train station is delayed by traffic such that the traveler misses the train, the journey could fail after the first leg.


Fleet orchestration enables a more efficient MaaS by enabling mobility providers within the MaaS network to dynamically match travelers with vehicles, always sending the right vehicle to the right place at the right time. For example, vehicles can be positioned at each shift based on historical and real-time demand.


If a vehicle is stuck in traffic and can’t make the pickup on schedule, the mission is assigned to another vehicle in the fleet that can complete the mission. Fleet orchestration can also use some data from other modes to improve a traveler’s experience. For example, if a train is late the driver of a taxi or an autonomous vehicle can be notified to wait.


Bestmile’s Fleet Orchestration Platform provides this layer of centralized control over mobility services by automating and optimizing fleet operations. It is not a MaaS booking platform, but it can make the services within a MaaS ecosystem that use the platform more efficient and predictable.


While automated operations may seem simple when thinking of a single vehicle picking up a single passenger and taking the passenger from point A to point B, it is anything but simple with large fleets and hundreds or thousands of travelers making requests and with rides that are shared to maximize vehicle utilization—all amid constantly changing traffic, events, and demand locations.


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