Mobility Service Design Webinar

Service design for on-demand mobility services: ensure success before launch.

Reduce Risk. Accelerate Time to Market.

Mobility service providers considering new on-demand services face questions that are difficult to answer without testing the actual service. Vehicle quantities, deployment locations and service parameters are unknown, and the resulting fleet performance and service level in specific or unique scenarios are unclear.

In this webinar, the speakers demonstrate how you can accurately model, plan, simulate and analyse new mobility services to ensure you get them right before launch. The mobility service design involves:

  • Using realistic demand data
    • Defining targeted service areas and types
      • Setting service level targets
      • Testing multiple fleet configurations
        • Evaluating and optimizing passenger and fleet-level KPIs

          A case study simulating on-demand micro-transit, airport shuttle, and ride-sharing services in the city of Chicago was used to illustrate the approach. 

          Marco Laumanns, Ph.D., CTO, Bestmile