Webinar: Integrating Autonomous Vehicles with Public Transport

Recorded February 26, 2019

Learn the requirements for a successful implementation of autonomous vehicles and services in this recorded webinar.  

You’ll  Learn:

  • The required elements of an autonomous mobility service
  • How to plan, design, and integrate new mobility services into public transit networks
  • Deployment best practices
    • Service simulation, planning, and implementation
  • Integration best practices
    • Keys to multi-modal integration
  • Success stories and lessons learned
    • Use cases
    • Integrated fleets in operation

Learn how your transit agency can reduce risk and accelerate time to market by defining the right requirements for new mobility services.

Luc Texier Bestmile Business DevelopmentPresenter: Luc Texier
Luc joined Bestmile in 2016 to lead sales and business development focusing on growing opportunities and partnerships in the EMEA region. He has helped multiple public transport organizations plan, implement and optimize autonomous mobility projects and services. Prior to joining Bestmile, Luc held positions in innovative international companies in France, California, and Switzerland and has been instrumental in their growth and acquisition by market leaders such as Red Hat or App Dynamics.