How Transit Operators Can Win the Last Mile With Autonomous Or Human-Driven Solutions.

Transit operators that solve the first/last mile challenge see increased ridership across transportation modes. This on-demand webinar outlines how you can plan, implement, and manage multi-modal services that win the last mile with smart, cost-efficient solutions. 

You’ll  Learn:

  • Requirements for a successful last/first mile multi-modal service
    • Autonomous
    • Human-driven
  • Deployment best practices
    • Service simulation, planning, and implementation
    • Keys to multi-modal integration
  • Getting the public on-board (literally and figuratively)
  • Success stories and lessons learned
    • Autonomous shuttles to reach new service areas
    • Public-private partnerships with human-driven vehicles

Learn how your transit agency can cost-effectively reach new service areas and deliver first/last mile services that boost ridership. 

Bestmile_MikeCottlePresenter: Mike Cottle
As VP of Sales, Business Development and Customer Success, Mike is responsible for all aspects of Bestmile’s worldwide customer engagements. Prior to joining Bestmile, Mike worked at Ridecell where he built the company’s global sales team and relationships with automotive companies and mobility service providers. Before his time at Ridecell, Mike led sales at deCarta Inc. (acquired by Uber), and at Mapsense (acquired by Apple).