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Must-have Capabilities For On-Demand Mobility

Learn more about the key capabilities to look for in a software platform for a successful on-demand mobility service.


AV for private developments

While the deployment of autonomous electric vehicles on city streets has hit the brakes, new use cases have emerged for the use of self-driving shuttles on private roads in residential, business, and mixed-use developments. Rather than being seen as space-age oddities, private developers are deploying the shuttles for their practical benefits.


MaaS: More than an App

Learn what is needed to enable true door-to-door, multi-modal Mobility as a Service.


What is Bestmile

What is fleet orchestration and who needs it? Learn the answers in this white paper.


Service Design

Learn how to design services in advance of deployment to ensure success, reducing risk and accelerating time to market.


Simulation-Based Design and Analysis of On-Demand Mobility Services

Technical Paper: Get the Science Behind Bestmile Service Design. This detailed report explains how research on Chicago taxi data was used to simulate on-demand mobility service performance with KPI-based analysis using Bestmile's Fleet Orchestration Platform.


7 steps

PTOs can use micro-transit coordinated with the existing transit network to win the last mile.


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