Managing the New World of Transport

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Rapahel Gindrat Technologist Interview

In an interview with Technologist, Bestmile CEO Raphael Gindrat discusses the challenges of managing large fleets of on-demand vehicles across entire cities. “A key part of our work is mathematical optimisation routing, despatching, matching supply of vehicles and demand of trips. In order to do that we need our own team of mathematicians and algorithm engineers,” he said Technologist is a … Read More

How Ridehailing and Public Transit Can Work Together to Fix Traffic and Grow Ridership

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Webinar Metro

The news that New York City is placing a moratorium on new ridehailing vehicles calls attention to one of the unintended consequences of transport network company (TNC) services. In many cities like New York, they have made traffic and pollution worse. “This action will stop the influx of cars contributing to the congestion grinding our streets to a halt,” Mayor … Read More

How to Get Started with New Autonomous and Human-Driven Mobility Services

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The mobility revolution is upon us. New human-driven and autonomous mobility services are changing the game for public and private mobility service providers. App-based on-demand and fixed-route mobility services are changing the way travelers consume transportation. Many operators are unsure of how to adapt to the changes taking place and how to best serve their customers and communities. This is … Read More

Bestmile Presents at Frost & Sullivan’s Intelligent Mobility Conference

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Bestmile presents at Frost and Sullivan's Intelligent Mobility

Frost & Sullivan’s Intelligent Mobility has grown year-on-year to become an industry-recognized event. This year, Bestmile’s Mike Cottle presented on the topic “The Future of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles” at the conference, held in London, June 19-20. The long-term disruption of the mobility industry is likely to arise when fleets of autonomous vehicles are present in large volumes on our roads. … Read More

The Innovator News Features Bestmile

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Bestmile, one of 61 new technology pioneers announced last week by the World Economic Forum, has developed a cloud-based platform that allows both private and public transportation providers to manage traditional and innovative mobility services. Read more.

Micro-Transit: How Public and Private Transportation Operators Can Make Each Other Better

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Micro-transit, so-called “Uber for busses,” provides human-driven shared, app-based, on-demand rides within cities using multi-passenger vehicles. These services have great promise for urban commuters and residents, and for public transit operators that are losing passengers due to the lack of a convenient way to get to and from stations. In addition to providing a convenient, lower cost ride to homes … Read More

Smart Transportation for Smart, Sustainable Cities

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smart transportation for smart cities

Movin’ On, Michelin’s World Summit on Sustainable Mobility was held May 30-June 1 in Montreal. The event brought together 90 influencers in the transportation and mobility industries and more than 4,000 participants in the Movin’ On ecosystem, including Bestmile. Other invitees came from “academia, politics, cities and businesses, to chart a course toward sustainable mobility.” Meanwhile, the Urban Land Institute … Read More

Bestmile Writes About How Mobility Services Can Improve Urban Living

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Bestmile in metro magazine

Will new mobility services make urban living better or worse? Some say more vehicles mean more traffic. Others tout autonomous vehicles as a cure for traffic and congestion. Bestmile’s Mike Cottle, VP of Sales and Customer Success, addresses this topic in Metro Magazine–the oldest and largest magazine entirely devoted to public transportation. “What will be badly needed…is an overarching mobility management … Read More