The Leadership Team

Meet the mobility services visionaries that founded Bestmile and the data scientists, algorithm engineers, marketing, and customer success leaders that are bringing the vision to life for mobility service providers around the world.
Raphaël Gindrat
Founder & CEO
Raphael is a founder and the executive leader of the Bestmile team. He is a pioneer in the world of autonomous mobility, having led a project with Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne to test and operate some of the first autonomous vehicle projects in Europe. In addition to founding and leading Bestmile, Raphael speaks throughout the world advocating for an open technology ecosystem to enable to new mobility services to deliver on the promise of safe, affordable, efficient travel for all. Raphael earned a Master's degree in Civil Engineering with a specialization in Transportation from the EPFL.
Anne Mellano
Founder & VP Operations EMEA

Anne is a founder of Bestmile and as VP of Operations she supports the growth of the company and oversees the day-to-day operations. She is a civil engineer with specialization in the development of innovative transportation systems. Prior to founding Bestmile, she worked in an urban planning office in Lausanne as a Transport Engineer where she was in charge of project management for two of the first autonomous mobility projects in Europe, and developed with Raphaël Gindrat the concept of the Bestmile Mobility Services Platform. Anne holds an M.S. from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL) in Lausanne.

Zhao LU
Zhao leads Bestmile's technical development teams. He has worked in research and development for large organizations like IBM as well as for Silicon Valley’s startups. Most importantly, he led the development and deployment of one of the world’s leading taxi platforms, Easy Taxi, available in 30 countries and used by more than 20 million people. Zhao earned a B.S. in Physics and Mathematics and an M.S. in Management Information Systems from the University of Arizona.
Marco Laumanns
VP Research
Marco leads Bestmile's interdisciplinary team of transportation researchers, data scientists, and algorithm engineers. Prior to joining Bestmile, Marco was a Project Leader for Transportation and Operations Research at IBM Research and was responsible for transportation projects for IBM’s worldwide labs. Marco is an adviser to public transport operators and governments on future mobility issues including new service designs, automated planning and operations. Marco holds an M.S. in Computer Science from Universität Dortmund and a Ph.D. in Information Technology and Electrical Engineering from Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich.
Michael Cottle
VP of Sales & Customer Success
Mike leads the teams responsible for all sales and support activities with Bestmile’s worldwide customers. With more than 25 years of experience leading software and SAAS organizations, Mike has a proven history of building highly successful teams and delivering successful transportation services to customers. Most recently, he served as Vice President of Sales and Customer Success at Ridecell, where he was responsible for building Ridecell's worldwide customer base. Prior to Ridecell, Mike was Vice President of Worldwide Sales at deCarta, Inc., which was acquired by Uber. Mike earned a B.A. in Mathematics from the University of Dallas.

Advisory Board

Christopher Choa
VP Urban Development, AECOM
Pascal Dutheil
General partner & Owner, Andromede Consulting
Randell Iwasaki
Pierre Gosset

Board of Directors

Anne Mellano
Cofounder & VP of Operations, Bestmile
Reza Malekzadeh
General Partner, Partech
Patrice Crisinel
VP & Chief Investment Officer, Viatrans SA
Andreas Arpagaus
Founder, Arpagaus & Baumer Consulting AG
Raphael Gindrat
Cofounder & CEO, Bestmile
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